Secure your Microsoft 365 Applications with ESET Cloud Office Security


As organizations across the globe move more and more of their daily operations to the cloud, many of them choose to use Microsoft 365 applications. Although Microsoft invests heavily in security improvements of the suite, some threats still find a way around its protective mechanisms.

For years, ESET has been an advocate of multilayered security, as we believe it is the only approach that provides the best possible defense while preserving the performance of the userโ€™s device and its software.

Based firmly on ESETโ€™s 30 years of security research and development, ESET Cloud Office Security provides next-level protection for Microsoft 365 applications. With the combined power of reliable spam filtering, anti-phishing, and anti-malware scanning, any suspicious activity in Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams is immediately reported to internal security teams via an easy-to-use cloud console.

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